Who am I?

Today I am the co-CEO of Archie Comics, the iconic brand that remain a privately held company.  I took on the transition of this global business within a short time, adapted quickly and adjusted to handle a variety of complex business challenges.

I am a global speaker who inspires and sparks people to seeks paths for self developing, share your ideas, to have a voice one must network
engage in community not only local but globally stay engaged in community way beyond today, life long commitments

Never let anyone define who they want you to be, “you ” know yourself, just get active in your lives.

One must jump in and , kick open that door and get busy! For women that glass ceiling with all of its cracks it must come down!
There are no acceptable limitations, I encourage my audience to stay on task , be focus and never let anyone with negativity draw you into their box!

Create your path, a path that allows you to rise above to the level you seek for yourself! Think globally, think beyond your town, city, village, because technology has given us the world, make it a part of where you are going! EVERYWHERE

Never question if you can only question why would you ever think you can not!

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